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1. What is Eats On Sedgwick?

We're a local kitchen center that contains multiple restaurants all focused on making food to go. We provide each restaurant with a fully licensed, dedicated kitchen so they can prepare fresh, delicious food. Everything is packaged for pickup or delivery.

2. How do I order?

For pickup, you can order online at EatsonSedgwick.com, or you can order in person at 831 N. Sedgwick. For delivery, you can find each restaurant on delivery apps like Grubhub, UberEats, Doordash, Postmates. Note that each restaurant decides which set of delivery apps to work with, so you may not see all restaurants on all apps.

3. Is there sit-down dining?

Eats On Sedgwick is set up for delivery and pick-up. All food is packaged to-go.

4. Can we order ahead?

Of course! We encourage it. To order ahead, go to EatsOnSedgwick.com to view available menus, and follow the instructions.

5. Do you take phone orders?

No, we currently do not take phone orders.

6. What’s the standard wait time?

If you walk in to order, wait times will approximate those of a sit-down restaurant. Plan on a 10 to 20-minute wait between placing your order and picking it up. That’s why we encourage ordering ahead.

7. How do I know my food is safe?

Eats On Sedgwick and each restaurant inside adhere to all safety standards to ensure that the food prepared for you is both tasty and safe.

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